Bears, a rabbit and bird called Bartlett for comforting the anxious - especially Don

Deneys Reitz has attracted a group of resident bears; a rabbit called Flowers and two strange creatures knitted by Charlotte's grandchildren in New Zealand. Don's woolly Geist looks perpetually anxious, as though the charming wavelets outside might turn nasty at any moment. Charlotte's looks composed and calm. So it is with Geists.

A welcome visitor was Emily Bear from New Zealand, who spent a year having adventures on and off the boat before returning to her owner a wiser animal with such tales to tell.

Oh.... And there is a bird called Bartlett, made of porcelain, bought in Norway and sporting such an expression of mournful foreboding that Don was convinced it was the very personification of the real Bartlett, our weather forecasting ace.


Bears - Emily and Flowers in middle

Bears - Emily and Flowers in middle


Don and Emily having a drink

The Temptation of Emily


Emily the bear, slightly intoxicated

Shame and disgrace!!

Plus large motley gang of friends, relatives and other dogs. , They say: "Yike, OOH-ER! where's the bucket, barf, Don, get out of the wheelhouse, you're steaming it up; "Just another splash, please: perhaps a little more".