map of our adventures


The map shows the extent of the ramblings of the old boat and its old crew. (Actually the boat is far younger than its owners). The wavy and meandering lines on the map may appear to be aimless, representing the ability of the crew to take the wrong turning at every opportunity, arriving in Kliepeda, Lithuania to cries of: "I thought we were going to Lowestoft, what have you done??!"
But no, this is not the case, as will shortly be demonstrated. Our first intent was to take the boat immediately to the Baltic Sea in 1999, directly after re-launch in its new long-distance cruising guise, but this was thwarted by heart attacks, broken ankles with complications and the like. So the first Voyage was around the British Isles in 2000, excluding the West of Ireland - this horror was to come later in 2007.

The Voyages

Charlotte on one of our 'adventures'

Future voyages? The Norwegian authorities have thwarted plans to return the boat to Norway and keep it there until infirmity overtakes the crew.